Enhancing Wellness At
The Cellular Level

Trutonal Grounding Mat

What is it?

It’s a conductive mat designed to connect you to the earth’s abundant source of beneficial negatively charged ions.

When we’re around electronic devices and appliances that are plugged in, our bodies become flooded with positive ions, which increases inflammation and coagulates the blood.

Features & Benefits

High quality material

The premium quality Trutonal Ground Mat consists of carbon fibers encased in vegan leather, ensuring long-lasting protection from the positive ion charge build-up.

Easy setup and use

Simply plug the Trutonal Ground Mat into a standard wall outlet, then rest your feet or hands on the mat while you work or rest.

Extremely light and durable

Roughly the size of a weighing scale (insert size dimensions), allowing you to easily store and move it around at your convenience.

Multi-use purposes

Use it while you sleep, as a meditation mat, a resting mat for your feet while you work, or whatever your well-being desires!

Frequency Bracelets

Our busy schedules don’t permit us to remain continuously in contact with the earth. So we developed a portable solution to receive the earth’s slow oscillation of 7.83 hertz per second.

Frequency bracelets permanently imprinted with a fusion of scalar waves and electromagnetic energy programmed specifically to the Earth’s Schumann Resonance.

Since we are constantly immersed in wireless radiation composed of high frequencies in the gigahertz range, we can all benefit from wearing one.


Trutonal bracelets are charged at the atomic level, capturing the Earths resonant frequency. When worn, they create a parasympathetic resonance distributed to every cell in the body via the nervous system.
While they don’t physically give off the earths negative ions, they do energetically resonate inaudible wavelengths comparable to a tuning fork, balancing the body.
 Our bracelets offer nearly identical benefits to being grounded to the earth. Although you may notice a faster response to the bracelets as it’s easier to wear one continuously. Whereas, it is not feasible to stay conncted to a grounding mat continuously for days at a time!
It is perfectly ok to sleep with a Trutonal grounding mat and while wearing a Trutonal frequency bracelet. They do not counteract each other as they yield the same resonance.


Some of the many benefits our customers experience:

Reduced Inflammation

Pain Relief

Calming Effect

Reduced Stiffness

Deeper Sleep

Increased Flexibility

All You Need To Know About the Frequency Bracelets

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