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Welcome to Stegasus

We are an innovation in delivering better well-being to health-minded individuals. For those who are already on their own journey to improved health, our line of products is the perfect complement to your lifestyle.

Our Story

Health has been a part of our life for as long as we can remember. Ever since we were teenagers, we naturally fell in love with improving our health. We realized the more we improved our health, the better we felt. The better we felt, the more productive we became and the more we seized every day. Our family and friends started to take note, becoming inspired to do the same for their lives. When we improved, they improved.
As our journey continued, getting back to the “nomadic way of life” became transparent as being a foundational pillar to superior well-being. More specifically, removing what’s damaging in our current environment and introducing what was long lost generations ago.
That’s where our obsession for achieving wellness by getting back to our ancestral roots was born. 15 years later, after rigorous scientific research into the dangers of EMFs, working with thousands of clients as a fitness trainer, nutritionist, and outdoor wilderness guide for backpacking trips, we gained a clear understanding of what had to be done to transform the well-being of humanity as a whole.

After trial and error, we narrowed it down to these three core methodologies which we eventually developed the Stegasus brand and philosophy around

Protection from Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) – Providing EMF protective boxers, beanies, T-shirts, and hoodies.

Wellness through Trutonal – The term “Trutonal” refers to receiving the body’s true tone, more specifically the “Schumann” resonance that we evolved to, being in physical contact with the earth.

An outdoor way of life – We plan to offer a comprehensive line up of outdoor gear including tents, sleeping bags and jackets.

Join the movement

Ultimately, our goal is to bring awareness to the silent EMF threat and offer long-term solutions that actually work. As such, we translate that same passion, heart, and soul into every single product. This allows us to provide exceptionally high-end products, consisting of unique designs that are suitable for all ages. That’s the Stegasus difference.
Join the movement of other health-conscious, like-minded individuals who are reducing EMF exposure from their life. We can’t wait to see you become part of our journey as well!